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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Meaning of Xuang Kong

by Vin leo


When a person picks up a black pen, someone in black will walk towards you six seconds later. Or each time you pass a monk at a bus shelter, you will see a figure 8 flashing on your right side soon...


If a cat rushes across your path, do expect the sound of a car horn, a thunder or a loud noise three seconds later...


If you want to find a misplaced book, observe the time. If it is 1 o'clock, it's likely to be in the bathroom. If it's 2 o'clock, you'll find it in some bag. If it is 3 o'clock, it will probably be by the

bookshelf. If it is 8 o'clock, you will know that your book is lying somewhere in the bedroom...


When you approach an information counter with a query, and they do not response within the first six seconds, you know for sure you won't receive the answer you need.

Is this magic? Or is it what they call 'intuition'?

Neither. This is the art of Xuan Kong, a ramification of Chinese classical Feng Shui, which brings us beyond the art of Feng Shui into the realm of Divination.

There are many methods of Divination like Yi-Gua, Xuan Kong, BaZi, Plum Blossom Technique, Iron Abacus and Brush Strokes Numerologies, and Da Liu Ren among others. The methods and techniques may be different but ultimately, they will all arrive at the same answer and conclusion.

All the systems of Divination have their standard fundamentals and rudimental theories and methods. Basing on these fundamentals, the art is constantly evolving and has many sided and facets.

One of the techniques in Divination is to retrieve information from the environment. Xuan Kong converts these landforms, objects, directions and timings into numbers and combinations, or in our technical term, we call this the Qi of the numbers. The possible combinations and interchanges are infinite. The art to comprehend these various possibilities into answers and solutions requires enormous experiences and practices; and only practice makes perfect.

Whether it is just a simple ‘is it going to rain today?’ to a comprehensive ‘How will this contract be successful?’, Xuan Kong answers you in a most unassuming way.

Source : fengshui-indonesia.com

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